Restaurant, Beverage, and Eatery Insurance

Whether you own one restaurant or a chain of restaurants, we can help you find the right coverage.  We work with insurers and brokers who have an appetite for everything from small deli shops to franchises to upscale eateries.

We also work with insurers and brokers who provide insurance for coffee houses, ice cream parlors, sandwich shops, bakeries, taquerias, and just about any other type of food and beverage establishment you can imagine!

If you already have coverage for your company, but want a quote at renewal, call Allied at 214-269-1560 about 60 days before your renewal.  We can discuss your coverage with you and help you begin the process for gathering quotes.

If you do not currently have coverage, are unhappy with your last renewal, or just want a second opinion, call 214-269-1560 to discuss how we can help you.

Or, if you are well experienced at purchasing insurance, you may e-mail the documents you have from your last renewal directly to Allied to begin to gather your free quotes for you.  E-mail current Declarations Pages and/or current renewal information to: