Landscapers, Lawn Care, Tree Removal, and Nursery Insurance

Do you own a company that helps other people and businesses keep their landscape looking great?  Perhaps you handle the insurance for such a company.  If so, Allied has several companies which can help you with your insurance.

Since the mid-1970s, Allied has helped landscapers, lawn mowers, sprinkler installers, landscape architects, tree trimmers, green houses and nurseries find the coverage they need to protect their businesses and employees. 

Whether you are a nursery with a full lot of plants, gardening tools, and landscape materials or an outfit with a truck or two that cuts residential lawns, Allied is connected with the insurance markets that can help you with your insurance needs.

The landscaping industry is full of hard working people.  Let Allied help match you with equally hard working insurers to cover you insurance needs.  Large or small, Allied can help you!

If you already have coverage for your company, but want a quote at renewal, call Allied at 214-269-1560 about 60 days before your renewal and ask to speak with Ron or Kevin.  Either can discuss your coverage with you and help you begin the process for gathering quotes.

If you do not currently have coverage, are unhappy with your last renewal, or just want a second opinion, call Ron or Kevin today at 214-269-1560.

Or, you may e-mail the documents you have from your last renewal directly to Ron or Kevin and they will begin to gather quotes for you.  Their e-mail addresses are and