Doctors, Dentists, and Medical Professionals Insurance

Allied's agents have been insuring solo practices, group practices, emergency care clinics, and hospitals around Texas for five decades.  The insurers and brokers who work with Allied are among the best and most experienced in the country for underwriting medical risk.

Whether you are a solo practitioner, lead a group practice, or are responsible for the risk management of a hospital or emergency care clinic, Allied has relationships with insurers and brokers who can help you cover your practice.

If you are a solo practitioner, the head of a group practice, or handle the insurance affairs for either, call 214-269-1560 today.  Or, you may e-mail us at

If you are the risk manager or otherwise take care of the insurance and risk needs of a hospital or emergency care clinic, we also have contracts and contacts with insurers who can help you. Call, 214-269-1560; or, e-mail,